The need for encoded metadata that gives information about provenance, production history, specifications, certifications, and licenses has been the driving force behind our solution, the Metablockchain, BC2050 Metachain, operating as a platform. Every tool and production operation that affects the attributes of materials, components and products, must also be able to securely change or add information to the metadata. From basic materials to completed products, this metadata will showcase the annals of the series of actions involved, as well as all the relevant legal and financial information. Although very large datasets are improbable to be stored there, a Blockchain can help to discover and integrate those datasets and data analytics services.

The most important advantage BC2050 Metachain offers to the users is the important ability of searching and discovering assets using metadata, which is much faster than conventional database queries. Underlying, BC2050 Metachain integrates customized algorithms, artificial intelligence and big data analytics.

The BC2050 Metachain platform can easily be integrated in every market and sector