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    from EDI to Internet

    from Internet to Blockchain

    30 years story in IT domain

What is Blockchain & AI?
The solution for data traffic jam

from EDI to Internet
 from Internet to Blockchain
30 years story in IT domain

Blockchain2050 BV is a dynamic SME that implements the latest improvements in Blockchain technology into secure and innovative solutions with the use of standard open source implementations and provide the needed transparency.

The company is member of the international ARATOS Group, and is located in CIC Rotterdam, the MIT business ecosystem. Blockchain2050 has also offices in Athens, Greece and Sofia, Bulgaria.

The founder Dr. Nikos Bogonikolos comes with more than 30 years of experience in the Information Technologies sector with leadership of many innovative solutions like internet applications using AI, space applications for society.

Advantages of Blockhain2050

Creation of Blockchain solutions experience from 2013
Ready-On blockchain modules for different business sectors
Worldwide Coverage and Network
Interdisciplinary Company Team with experience in business modeling, IT and Security.  

Blockchain2050 Solutions

Blockchain2050 LogChain

Track the location and recipient of a sending product in real-time using the Blockchain technology with Smart Contracts.

Public Sector Solutions

Blockchain2050 Files Authentication Management

Blockchain based application for signing and verifying documents

Blockchain2050 4 KYC

DLT-based KYC verification process platform

HealthCare Solutions


IoT/M2M bracelet for securely retrieving medical data through blockchain technology.

Patent Pending No.: 16739200

Website: www.tap2sos.com


Solution that connects interactive medical identification bracelets over the Cloud with any e-Health EMR platform.

Website: www.doctorcloud.net

Blockchain Technology Core Solutions

Novel Blockchain environment that offers an application generator designed to support developers of Blockchain based information systems.

Retail Sector Solution

Socialpolis CryptoToken Marketplace

SocialPolis Marketplace is a platform where vendors can register and sell their merchandise and products. All products are listed in categories already visible in the homepage, with the ‘Most popular’ button encouraging users to interact with and further explore.

Marketplace: www.marketplace.socialpolis.io

Research and Development

Blockchain and AI

Blockchain solution can act as an access layer and offer the required performance needs for AI to be able to process data.

Blockchain for Internet of Things

With IoT devices proliferating, the authentication standards often lack the necessary authentication standards to keep user data safe. With critical infrastructure BC2050 Metachain can help solve many of these security and trust challenges, ensuring trust, authentication and standarization across all elements of IoT .

Blockchain2050 Team







Blockchain2050 Ecosystem

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