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    from EDI to Internet

    from Internet to Blockchain

    30 years of experience in IT domain

What is Blockchain & AI?
The solution for data traffic jam

from EDI to Internet
 from Internet to Blockchain
30 years of experience

Blockchain2050 BV is a dynamic SME that implements the latest improvements in Blockchain technology into secure and innovative blockchain solutions with the use of standard open-source implementations and provide the needed transparency. The company is member of the international ARATOS Group and is located in CIC Rotterdam, the MIT business ecosystem. Blockchain2050 BV has also offices in Athens, Greece and Sofia, Bulgaria.



The founder, Dr. Nikos Bogonikolos, comes with more than 30 years of experience in the Information Technologies sector with leadership of many innovative solutions like internet applications using AI and space applications for society.

Advantages of Blockhain2050

Interdisciplinary Company Team with experience in business modeling, IT & Security
Experience in the creation of Blockchain solutions since 2013
Ready-on blockchain modules for different business sectors
Worldwide Coverage and Network
Utilizes LTO NETWORK platform, one of the best Top20 Blockchain Platforms
LTO network

Foundational Strategic Partnership

Blockchain2050 BV has established a strategic partnership with LTO-NETWORK, one of the best Top20 Blockchain Platforms!
LTO-Network is a hybrid blockchain for securing, verifying and exchanging business critical information.
LTO-Network's Proof Engine allows to secure any digital data against manipulation and protecting businesses against digital fraud.
The Proof Engine is easy to integrate in existing IT infrastructures and connect to any system, legacy or novel, through an API.
A layer of trust is added to invoices, medical records, emails, documents and other digital data in a matter of minutes at a fraction of the costs using the Blockchain certification and Blockchain authentication capabilites offered by LTO-Network.

Blockchain2050 Solutions

Supply Chain Management

Blockchain2050 LogChain

Track the location and recipient of a sending product in real-time using the Blockchain technology with Smart Contracts.

Earth Observation and Space


Open Satellite Imagery Marketplace which allows anyone to purchase Satellite Images and Earth Observation data. It integrates Blockchain technology and it is the first e-shop for Satellite Images accepting Bitcoin (BTC) and LTO Network Tokens (LTO).


HealthCare Solutions


IoT/M2M bracelet for securely retrieving medical data through blockchain technology.
Protected by US Patent: 16739200

Website: www.tap2sos.com


Solution that connects interactive medical identification bracelets over the Cloud with any e-Health EMR platform.
Protected by US Patent : 15626190

Website: www.doctorcloud.net

Waste Management

Solution developed with state-of-the-art Blockchain techniques for logging and certifying waste flow, of any type, within a given waste station or even a network.

Public/Private Administration

Files Authentication Manager (Blockchain Authentication)

Blockchain-based application for signing and verifying documents. Involved parties can verify each other’s actions through decentralized processing, ensuring the execution of actions and workflow steps.

Blockchain Certification

Platform for issuing and verifying certifications, utilizing specialized blockchain techniques for complete GDPR compliance. Updates and changes to the certificates are automatically linked to QR codes, which are re-recorded (hashed) on the blockchain platform.

Information Systems


Novel Blockchain environment that offers an application generator designed to support developers of Blockchain based information systems.
Protected by US Patent : 16747545

Banking & Finance

Know Your Customer (KYC) Digital Transformation feasibility study with blockchain applications for Interbanking Systems S.A. (DIAS S.A.).

All of DIAS payment services of credit transfers and direct debits are fully compliant with the Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA) requirements.

Blockchain2050 Team

The team of Blockchain2050 BV includes highly ranked IT security personnel and experts in Cybersecurity and Blockchain technologies with many man-years of relevant experience in international projects and works cooperating with international organizations and governmental agencies and private entities.

Blockchain2050 team


President & CEO

Blockchain2050 team


Vice President

Blockchain2050 team



Advisory board

Blockchain2050 team

Prof. Panagiotis Gatomatis

Blockchain2050 team

Prof. Spiros Likothanassis

Blockchain2050 team

Dr. Panagiotis Christodoulou

Blockchain2050 team

Prof. Sokratis Katsikas

Blockchain2050 team

Prof. Andreas Andreou

Technical team

Blockchain2050 team

Garyfalia Plataniti

Project manager

Blockchain2050 team

Konstantinos Tsiomos

Project manager

Blockchain2050 team



Blockchain2050 team



Blockchain2050 team



Blockchain2050 team



Blockchain2050 Ecosystem

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